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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do you charge a membership fee when most forums are free?
A. It is all too easy to dash off one-line comment to a forum web-site. We want to encourage more considered comment and the membership fee is one small way of deterring the one-liners. Secondly, an important part of ConsideredOpinion is the ability to register a vote for or against a topic. The membership fee helps to deter people from unfairly influencing the voting results by making multiple registrations.

Q. Why do you not show members names and addresses?
A. We want the site to be as wide in scope and as democratic as possible. Contributors should feel able to say what they think without fear of retribution and have that view judged on the merits of the arguments presented, not the credentials of the author. Hence the anonymity. We will never disclose personal details to anyone (unless forced legally by an official body to do so).

Q. How do I get an article removed.
A. You can't. If you really feel strongly about an article you can make representation to the site administrator who will consider your point. The decision will rest entirely with the administrator who is not obliged to give any reasons for whatever action is taken.

Q. How long will articles remain on the site?
A. There is no set timescale. Most discussions will have a natural life and when interest in a particular topic has died we will review whether to discontinue it.

Q. Can I amend an article once it has been posted?
A. Yes, for a limited period after first posting it, you can correct/amend what you have submitted. After that time articles become frozen and cannot be changed. This is in fairness to members who may have voted on the topic as originally posted.